Services Offered

Playschool: Playway is the core component of our preschool unit. It’s just that this component is well planned and well thought of while planning the course outline. Play is considered as a method to implement the curriculum. It comprises of active play, interactive play, storytelling sessions, enactments, recitations, fun activities, craft work etc.

We have 3 programs currently running in our Pre-school.

  • Playgroup or Toddlers’ program
  • Nursery
  • Jr. KG

Personalized warmth and care is given in all the programs to make learning fun. The environment is rich and stimulating in terms of experience kids have here. Growth and developmental milestones are recorded and shared with the parents on a regular basis. Our method of teaching has been so designed that there is development of Cognitive skills, language and motor skills in the child. Our learning domains include: Language & Literacy, Early Numeracy, I am Aware, Physical & Motor activities, Art Smart and from the year 2020 we have introduced a new dedicated learning component My Mother Earth

Daycare: Daycare unit comprises of an active program focussed at the overall development of the children in the best possible way. Utmost care is taken to make it an efficient and effective program which gets well reflected in the testimonials and very vocal appreciation we receive from the parents. The tremendous love we get from our daycare residents acts as the impetus to keep us running and improving.

Activity Centre: There are extra-curricular activities conducted in the centre. These activities are conducted by some renowned institutes in the respective areas and some are conducted by Deeksha centre

Parents ki Pathshala:  This program aims at creating awareness amongst parents about the teaching methods being used in the school, curriculum covered, methods which can be used at home to add value to the learning cycle and to discuss parenting issues.

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