pre school

In our preschool we have  children from 2.0 -4.0 years of age who form a part of our playgroup and nursery section. Teaching for these very young darlings is done primarily through their own active participation in different activities. The sensorial activities aid in imprinting information about the outside environment on the memory board of the playgroup kids. The nursery section kids learn through a combination of play way method and classroom teaching.

Teaching Approach
We have a teaching approach where we define the broader concepts for a broader time frame. Formal introduction to the concept is made and then time and again through and during different activities these concepts are reinforced so that the concepts form a part of the memory.

Appreciation and encouragement are the two key points of teaching methods followed at DEEKSHA. For both the preschool and day care sections we have structured learning periods, active play periods and a teacher initiated discovery periods.
Our method of teaching has been so designed that there is development of Cognitive skills, language and motor skills, emotional intelligence etc. in the child.

Hours of operations for Playgroup & Nursery: 9.30 am to 12.00 pm