Deeksha Playschool & Childcare Centre is a place to cherish childhood. As professional childcare service providers we strive to give best quality of service to the kids. With the knowledge of Human Development & Family Studies and practical experiences of being Moms, Deeksha brings the right blend of components for the wholesome, healthy development of your kids. The core idea of DEEKSHA is to provide a safe, loving, warm and intellectually stimulating environment to the children who are in the preschool or stay with us as day residents in our day care. The education/knowledge/information given and gained at DEEKSHA is so planned that it will give your child confidence, improve the motor skills of the child and increase the social interaction skills of the child so that they have a pleasant experience with the environment that awaits them outside DEEKSHA


We have come together to create an environment of love, care, quality nurturing and education to our precious little ones

The emphasis in our center is on education with roots. We believe inculcating Bhartiya Sanskar which provides foundation for growth of kids into well-meaning adolescents. We believe in making an early start

At DEEKSHA we understand the need to have an environment /system to introduce value based education and for the overall development of the child. We understand that toddlers and preschoolers have a capacity to learn many things and for that interaction is a must

We are a team of professionals, some of whom are the face of DEEKSHA while others silently enjoy working at backend. It has been initiated by Dr Jaya H Mani who comes with a vast experience of working in University and corporate nutritional projects and teaching graduation students. A mother of two boys, she understands the expectations of both the mom and child.

  • Provide a loving, safe, secure, constructive, caring environment to the children
  • Provide a facilitating environment for the integrated growth and development of children.
  • Age and skill appropriate learning module application to make the children confident and imbibe versatile knowledge/information