School-goers Daycare

This service is given to the children who either leave for school from the Daycare or arrive after school. What makes it very special is the fact that they leave from the daycare for their schools as they would from their homes. There is always someone to help them get ready. There is always someone to check if everything is in place, if the water bottle is filled up, if the hair has been tied neatly and to send them off shining. There is always someone to say the B’Byes and wish them good for the day. Our after-school, daycare residents run back to us and add warmth to our days. They are greeted and welcomed. All their stories of the day are heard. Help is provided to wash them, change the clothes, keep things back after which we all sit & eat & learn. Contact us now to know more and know all that you can ask and we can answer on Daycare for school-goers

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