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Deeksha Playschool & Childcare Centre is a place to cherish childhood. As professional childcare service providers we strive to give best quality of service to the kids. With the knowledge of Human Development & Family Studies and practical experiences of …

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Preschool Program

Learning programs for the little ones with "Teachers who care"


A concept based program for the Two years+ children. Concepts are described through playway and structured classroom settings too. Primary objective of this program is to assist in smooth transition from home to preschool. Our focus is on providing warmth & care to the child and gain their trust because everything else can wait!

pre school


This is a program for the Three years + children. It is also a concept based program and makes use of play way method, structured classroom teaching and experiential learning. There is emphasis on learning to learn, expressions and narrative development. Pre-writing & Pre-maths activities are also undertaken


Jr KG kids undergo a transition from playway to books & worksheets based teaching. Concepts are more elaborated. Focus is on narrative development, writing skills, maths and science based hands on learning. Classes follow active two-way interaction, discussions and more

Admissions open for AS 2023-2024

Pls Call 9594957766 for info

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25 Mar

Services offered

Personalized warmth and care is given in all the programs to make learning fun. The environment is rich and stimulating in terms of experience kids have here. Growth and developmental milestones are recorded and shared with the parents on a …

25 Mar

School-goers Daycare

This service is given to the children who either leave for school from the Daycare or arrive after school. What makes it very special is the fact that they leave from the daycare for their schools as they would from …

25 Mar

Toddlers’ Daycare

These services are for the children from 2.0 years of age to 5.0 years of age. There are different goal-settings for these groups. The lessons include various topics and different methods are used to engage children with different type of …

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