Day Care


Daycare unit comprises of an active program focussed at the overall development of the children in the best possible way. Utmost care is taken to make it an efficient and effective program which gets well reflected in the testimonials and very vocal appreciation we receive from the parents. The tremendous love we get from our daycare residents acts as the impetus to keep us running and improving. We have a full day care and flexi hours services available. We also run an ad-hoc day care facility where you can leave your child with us while you are out for a meeting or your important tasks. The only condition is that you come through a reference

Infants Daycare:

Care services for infants of 7 mths to 2.0 yrs were started in year 2019. It’s the most beautiful program being run by Deeksha. We take one child at a time. Process of admission includes a number of meetings between Deeksha team & parents. Efforts are made to get all details and to provide hands on support to the parents. Deeksha understand the emotional importance attached and therefore nothing less than being a mother works here!

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Toddlers Daycare:

These services are for the children from 2.0 years of age to 5.0 years of age. There are different goal-settings for these groups. The lessons include various topics and different methods are used to engage children with different type of Intelligence (Ref:   The theory of multiple intelligence, developed in 1983 by Dr. Howard Gardner). Toddlers practically keep everybody on their toes so we have teachers to keep the energies channelized

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Daycare for school-goers:

This service is given to the children who either leave for school from the Daycare or arrive after school. What makes it very special is the fact that they leave from the daycare for their schools as they would from their homes. There is always someone to help them get ready. There is always someone to check if everything is in place, if the water bottle is filled up, if the hair has been tied neatly and to send them off shining. There is always someone to say the B’Byes and wish them good for the day

Our after-school, daycare residents run back to us and add warmth to our days. They are greeted and welcomed. All their stories of the day are heard. Help is provided to wash them, change the clothes, keep things back after which we all sit & eat & learn

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Ad-Hoc Daycare:

Deeksha started this concept in the area and we have since then provided services to many parents. Ad- hoc services are given to children in case the parents have to travel out of the city or the parents have come from another city. One may also avail these services if for eg., they have a doctor’s appointment, an event to attend, short vacations in the school etc

Ad-hoc services are for children above 3 years of age. Pre-sanction is required

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3 hours Daycare service:

These are the short duration services available to parents who otherwise have support at home. We provide a structured setting for the children where they can be a part of the concept period. The key features of this program include: participation in group activities, learning practical life skills, interaction with other adults & children, participation in celebrations & festivals

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Hours of operations for Daycare:

Monday to Friday:8.30 am to 7.30 pm

Saturday: 8.30 am to 5.00 pm