–Neha & Deepak Agrawal , Mumbai Founder-Openminds

We have witnessed wonderful all round development in our child under the guidance of the entire team of Deeksha. Teaching personal grooming (potty training, learning to eat on their own, dress and undress, etc) to kids may sometimes become nightmare for working parents. But we didn’t even realize how and when our child learnt all these. She seemed to just grow on her own, like she was set on some auto pilot, geared by Team Deeksha. Innumerable times she has amazed us with things she had learnt at Deeksha. For eg I wouldn’t even have thought of making a 2.5 yr old kid learn mantras and shlokas. At Deeksha, Yaana learnt all these and many more.

Everyone at Deeksha takes personal interest in the kid’s well being and development. The team is very responsible, effective, homely and approachable. They never hesitate to go beyond the call of their duty to accommodate parents’ requirements.
Deeksha is the best thing that could have happened to Yaana and us. It is truly her second home. She goes there so happily and has so much fun there that we never felt guilty of keeping her away from home and us.

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