Welcome to Deeksha Playschool and Childcare centre

  • With the birth of a child, parents begin an incredible journey which is full of surprises, panic, relief, worry and joy. It is much like a roller coaster ride. As days, weeks and months pass, the need of the child to interact with the outside world also increases. And this need is surely urgent and has to be addressed in a well planned manner when the family is nuclear and the parents are working. We, at DEEKSHA, understand this need because we have experienced it. In fact the activities, curriculum, the overall environment in-fact everything at DEEKSHA is a result of extensive study, our own experience and a note of maternal instincts.

    The core idea of DEEKSHA is to provide a safe, loving, warm and intellectually stimulating environment to the children who are in the preschool or stay with us as day residents in our day care. The education/knowledge/information given and gained at DEEKSHA is so planned that it will give your child confidence, improve the motor skills of the child and increase the social interaction skills of the child so that they have a pleasant experience with the environment that awaits them outside DEEKSHA. We also act as mentors to parents who have child rearing issues to be addressed

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We are a team of professionals, some of whom are the face of DEEKSHA while others silently enjoy working at backend.



–Charunidhi Tomar , Holiday Expert, Mumbai
Mother of 2 daughters, 4 year and 7 year olds