We were looking for a Day Care only for 3 months. My 22 months old daughter had earlier never stayed away from home. So we just wanted a place which had homely and loving atmosphere.
When we visited Deeksha, all our worries went away, Dr.Jaya and all teachers were so warm and welcoming. The atmosphere at Deeksha was very positive and mainly there was cleanliness. Araina( my daughter) was surprisingly settled in just 3 days. She has become so attached to all teachers and kids. But the main thing , we love about Deeksha is its not only Day Care but also an education centre too for our little ones. Together they all learn, play , sing and build memories !
So, if you want to be at peace with your childs safety and happiness…Deeksha is place to be !

  • Amruta Walwaikar
    ( Araina’s Mom)

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