I would like to take some time out to write some feedback on  the online tutorials . I am in a position to give some first hand feedback as I generally join Pari to give her infra support if needed . I would begin by saying Jaya mam is doing an amazing job with these tutorials , totally satisfied with the teaching methodology and she has the right mix of fun element and strictness to keeps the class disciplined but at same time engaging and fun filled. Some specifics below

  • Very Modern and concept driven approach ,Rote learning is discouraged which is gr8
  • I love the starting rituals of prayers / exercise . I feel that a gr8 way to engage the kids and set them up for the learning to follow
  • Jaya mam goes the extra mile to make sure she takes all the kids along and gives personal attention to every one
  • Online classes are a new thing and Jaya mam does a great job to ensure the kids are engaged and listening , not an easy thing to do in a virtual setting.

All in all I am really happy with the way classes are progressing and every day Pari is learning new things and eventually when the schools do open up Pari will be in good shape to cope with the school work loads.
The only other thing which I feel you could add that will be of immense value I feel is if we can have some very short and crisp videos of the concepts that are taught , it will greatly help the parents in doing revisions of what is taught . In fact you could have a you tube channel, that I feel over time could become really popular.
Pratul Singh

F/o Pranisha Singh

Daycare resident & a tutorial student of Group 1

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