Services Offered


At our preschool we have started with extending our services to 1.5 -4.0 years of age who form a part of our playgroup and nursery section. Teaching for these very young darlings is done primarily through their own active participation in different activities. The sensorial activities aid in imprinting information about the outside environment on the memory board of the playgroup kids. The nursery section kids learn through a combination of play way method and classroom teaching.

Hours of operations for Playgroup & Nursery: 9.30 am to 12.00 pm



The childcare facility or day residents' care as we call it is available for flexible number of hours. We cater to kids from 18 months to 8 year olds. We have also introduced an ad-hoc day care facility where you can leave your child with us while you are out for a meeting or your important tasks. The only condition is that you come through a reference.

We also have a facility for working mothers who come with their kids from some other city for a few days. While you are out attending workshops or meetings you can be rest assured that your child will be having fun at different sessions of storytelling or activities at DEEKSHA.

Hours of operations for Daycare: 8.30 am to 7.30 pm


Teaching Approach

We have a teaching approach where we define the broader concepts for a broader time frame. Formal introduction to the concept is made and then time and again through and during different activities these concepts are reinforced so that the concepts form a part of the memory.

Appreciation and encouragement are the two key points of teaching methods followed at DEEKSHA. For both the preschool and day care sections we have structured learning periods, active play periods and a teacher initiated discovery periods.

Our method of teaching has been so designed that there is development of Cognitive skills, language and motor skills in the child.


Child nutrition

Nutrition and eating habits in the early stages of human development are powerful determinants of later life health status of any human being. At DEEKSHA, we strongly promote healthy eating habits. While there is a nutritionist recommended food menu served to the daycare kids, for our preschool kids also we have an option to have their tiffin served from our health kitchen.


As part of our extended programs we have community development programs and field trip programs. In both these programs we encourage the participation of parents as volunteers. The field trip programs are planned as hands on training opportunity and learning experience for children. In DEEKSHA wellness program for both adults and children (separate sessions) we conduct workshops on good nutrition, fitness and healthy habits in a fun and interactive method.

The problem areas for a mother to a young child

  • What is the right age to send a child to a school?
  • Is it too early?
  • Would the child be happy?
  • Would the child cry?
  • Would they be able to understand what the child needs?
  • Would the child be loved and cared for?
  • What if the child is neglected?
  • We are vegetarians, what if the child accidently eats non veg food.
  • The child is shy, would he/she be able to communicate/interact with others?
  • Mine is a slow learner, how would he/she cope?
  • My child has developed logical thinking but the language development is not so fast, what to do?
  • The child has started hitting others, how to stop him?
  • The child remains lost in the gadgets, how to take him out?
Our Answers

It is a facilitating environment which has been so created that it remains homely, loving and nurturing for your child. We aim at making the transition from home to DEEKSHA a positive one for both the mother and the child. Give us some days and soon you will start observing differences in your child's behavior. A happy child always grows into a good human being and that is what we want to give back to the society. We take all the paths to understand children's needs. For this regular parent- teacher interactions are held.
At DEEKSHA only vegetarian and healthy food is allowed. To improve the communication skills and interaction with peers we have specially designed activities where different groups are formed for different activities.
At DEEKSHA the child is not forced to do an activity if he is really really not interested in it. Instead we try to evoke his interest through different methods.
For behavioural improvisation we interact with parents also, we give them guidance to take steps for the same at home as well.