About Us

We are a team of professionals, some of whom are the face of DEEKSHA while others silently enjoy working at backend. It has been initiated by Dr Jaya H Mani who comes with a vast experience of working in University and corporate nutritional projects and teaching graduation students. A mother of a 3 year old she knows the expectations of both the mom and child.

Advisory committee
  • Smt Nirmala Kotnala. BA, MA, Bed. Smt Kotnala has been running a preschool since the last 30 years. A passionate teacher, she has been teaching her students with the conventional methods and has worked with many children with special needs.
  • Dr Madhur Katoch. BSc, MSc, PhD (Human development and family studies)
  • Shri H M Upadhyay,BCom, MBA
For us DEEKSHA is not just a school or a business, rather it's an area we always wanted to have, full of children, their noise, voice, laughter, screams, shouts…..It's a place we wanted to go to work and enjoy. And when we say it, we absolutely mean it!

  • Provide a loving, safe, secure, constructive, caring environment to the children
  • Provide a facilitating environment for the integrated growth and development of children.
  • Age and skill appropriate learning module application to make the children confident and imbibe versatile knowledge/information

DEEKSHA is a playschool cum child care centre with a difference. Why? You would wonder. Yes definitely you should because this is one line you get to see attached to almost all the products and services available today. So, why DEEKSHA?

DEEKSHA is an initiative to give something back to the society. And the era that it is, good human beings is all that the society wants back. Through DEEKSHA our focus is to lovingly nurture childhood and inculcate moral values, bharatiya sanskar and a sense of pride in our culture. This is most certainly a very small step but then 'No gift is a small Gift' is what we believe

DEEKSHA is a place which has been conceived by a bunch of people who enjoy childhood and have gained expertise as well in the field of childcare, in theory and in practice.

We keep the transition from home to a preschool as positive as possible for both the parent and the child.

We have noted that the methods to address/promote the sub aspects of development are different and the methods may have to be modified for each child. So at DEEKSHA we try and customize the learning methods per the interest area of the child.